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Best Solution for Industry

Industrial units across Pakistan are beginning to opt for alternate sources of energy due to the instability of electric supply in this region. We offer solar solutions to various industrial sectors with an energy mix of Gas-Solar-Grid-Genset-HFO hence covering all the aspects of power needs for the entity.

Best Commercial Solutions

For commercial units, FSEL offers various innovative out-of-the-box energy storage solutions to make the best possible techno-commercial business case for them to go solar.


Our Process

Stage 1

Stage 1
  • Solar Site Survey based on standard Checklists
  • Prepare Customer Account Plan



Stage 2

Stage 2
  • System Design as per the site survey
  • Costing based on offshore and on-shore equipment


Stage 3

Stage 3
  • Proposal Submission to customer
  • Bank Financing feasibility Submission
  • Negotiations


Stage 4

Stage 4
  • Deal Closure
  • Site Acquisition
  • Design Drawing, Submission & Approval
  • Implementation & Commissioning


LOCATION: Fauji Towers, 68 Tipu Road, Rawalpindi
EMAIL: corporate.fsel@fauji.com.pk
PHONE #: +92-51-5763305-07