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who we are

Leading Commercial & Industrial scale Solar Solution Providers


Foundation Solar Energy (Pvt) Ltd – a Fauji Foundation Group Company, is among Pakistan’s leading renewable energy solutions providers that are revolutionizing and redefining the ways sustainable energy sources are utilized across the world.

Our Aim

Delivering Optimal Power Solutions


Best Energy Solutions

Rich experience in the energy sector with Over 10 MW capacity.

End-To-End Services

To be innovative and cost-effective solar solution provider for the complete spectrum of  our customers

Service level Expertise

We embrace a customer service culture. We believe our future is secured by advancing the interests and success of our customers.

Power Management

Renewable Solutions

Latest Success Projects


FSEL has the internal resources to ensure the critical interconnection process is seamless and accomplished correctly. We have interconnected over 9MW of energy projects as the high voltage EPC including voltages from 6.6kV to 11 KV.


A Foundation to Build On


We began our journey into renewable energy with commercial installations but quickly pivoted to utility-scale to provide a bigger impact. Through the passion and dedication of our people, we’ve been able to build more efficient plants and offer the highest quality service.

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LOCATION: Fauji Towers, 68 Tipu Road, Rawalpindi
EMAIL: corporate.fsel@fauji.com.pk
PHONE #: +92-51-5763305-07